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Our secure web based Residents Portal is accessible to all simply by entering your customer reference. From here you can view:

  • Current balance and payment history – you can make a payment in confidence, as the portal is totally secure and is not administered by any third party agency.
  • Last set of year-end accounts with copies of the backing invoices
  • Communal buildings insurance certificate
  • Site plan of the development
  • Arboricultural schedule of works with accompanying tree plan
  • Minutes of meetings
  • House rules
  • Newsletters
  • General correspondence
  • Regular updates on any site issues
  • A notice board section, giving you information regarding your development
  • Update your communication preference


To register follow the link below, provide your customer reference, name and email address. A password will then be emailed to you in order that you may log in.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to pay Service Charge?

When you purchased your property, you will have entered into a contract (such as your lease or Deeds / legal document) to pay a service charge to contribute towards the cost of services required at the development. The service charge is paid to cover the cost of maintaining the communal areas of your building, which can include: • Internal area maintenance and costs such as cleaning, fire safety and maintenance, door access/entry, lighting, and external window cleaning. • Grounds Maintenance and costs such as gardening services, tree surgery and inspection, drain and gulley cleaning and pest control. • Professional Fees: Management fees, Accountancy fees, Audit fees, Company Secretary fees, and Bank charges. • Contribution to Reserves: Renewals and cyclical repairs. • Insurance: Public Liability and Buildings insurance (Apartments only). Service charges are an estimate of cost, set annually in a budget, paid in advance, in accordance with the lease. Accounts are reconciled yearly and any surplus is credited back, or any unforeseen deficits are communicated and dealt with at year-end in accordance with the terms of the lease. The due date of these payments is specified within your lease. You can see a specific list of the items that your service charge covers in the annual budget.

What happens if I don’t pay?

Your service charge contributes to the cost of services required at the development and to cover the cost of maintaining the communal areas of your site or building. If payments are not made in a timely manner, services to your development may suffer. This could impact planned maintenance work as Contractors may refuse to carry out works if there is continued delay in payment of their invoices, communal utility supplies may be cut off due to non-payment of demands and insurance may lapse due to non-payment of premiums. Ultimately this could have a negative effect on the value of your home which could ultimately affect your ability to sell your property.

How is the Service Charge calculated?

We calculate your service charge by working out the exact cost of providing services to your estate and block and then charging you a share of these costs. For leaseholders, this apportionment is defined in the lease terms and for homeowners this will be detailed in your Deeds or legal documentation and will be based on the apportionment on how many people share the facilities on the estate. Sometimes this means that all flats pay the same proportion of charges and sometimes this means that larger properties pay a higher proportion because it is recognised that they could be used by more people. As we don’t know all the costs in advance, we base your charge on an estimate of how much services are going to cost over a 12 month period and where possible, include any upcoming one-off charges, such as planned tree pruning or deep cleaning. Every year we compare our estimate to how much the services actually cost by using the invoices sent to us by our contractors. We use this information to identify whether our estimate was: • Higher than expected and you may have been charged too much (a surplus) or, • Lower than expected and you may not have been charged enough (a deficit). We then use this information to estimate the next year’s service charge.

How to make a payment

You will need to quote your customer reference. • Pay online - via the residents portal • Bank Transfer - use the following bank details to transfer via online banking: Bank Account: National Westminster Account Payable to: Mainstay Payments Limited Account no: 59064013 Sort Code: 01 09 31 IBAN no: GB13NWBK01093159064013 (if required) SWIFT no: NWBKGB2L (if required) • Cheque - make payable to 'Mainstay Payments Limited'. Send together with the slip at the bottom of the payment request, ensuring your customer reference is written on the reverse of the cheque.