Find out what our valued clients have said about us.

Mannheim Quay

"I do think that since Mainstay has taken over the management of Mannheim Quay there has been significant improvements. One can see from walking around the Marina that Mannheim Quay, part of it now over 20 years old, is looking as new. I think the management of the big improvement schemes, such as re-painting of iron works, windows and doors replacement and repair of the lintel at Monmouth House has been handled very professionally. I also think the creation of the part time post of caretaker has also been very positive as there is now some form of checks and security on the complex. We have owned our flat from new and can definitely say that Mainstay has been the best maintenance company to look after the complex. I would also like to say thank you to you for being so pro-active , always answering emails promptly and not shying away from any problems we bring on to you."

Liberty Place

I’d like to say a special thanks to the concierge team for their unwavering support to the tenants of Liberty Place during the last few months. Leading up to, and during the Lockdown period Saf, Ian, Imran and Hishaam have been incredibly supportive to both myself and my neighbours. During this time, they have managed to keep some semblance of normalcy with the concierge office continuing to receive and manage our parcels effectively. The sheer volume of packages they seem to be receiving during this period has been astounding and yet somehow they have managed to keep order, all the while maintaining social distancing and safety precautions. As well as the day to day running of the complex, I have witnessed a few particular acts of kindness that are above and beyond. For instance, the concierges regularly help some of the elderly community within Liberty Place with shopping and carrying heavy loads. I hear from neighbours that the team have volunteered additional assistance to the more vulnerable tenants. These uncommon acts of kindness are worth highlighting, particularly at a time like this. When I speak to friends and colleagues who live in central Birmingham, and they share stories of their concierges, I realise how lucky the tenants of Liberty Place actually are. Whilst the entire city/country has been experiencing mass panic and pandemonium, Saf, Ian, Imran and Hishaam have made myself and my neighbours feel safe, secure and cared for. They have always gone above and beyond to help, and have always been happily to deal with queries or issues at any hour of the day (or night)! But during this time they have really excelled, and have kept Liberty Place moving forward.

The Residence

"Hi Sean, just to reiterate what I said in the recent Mainstay survey, we have been hugely impressed by you and your team, across all disciplines - maintenance, finance, services, procurement, value for money, attention to detail, timeliness of responses, diplomacy when dealing with some of the more sensitive neighbourly issues. You have an extremely high degree of professionalism and we are delighted that you are acting as managing agent for our MC. Whenever a problem arises at our development we know that it will get sorted swiftly and without fuss by you and your highly efficient team. I have had a number of "nightmare" managing agent experiences in my lifetime and so it has been a breath of fresh air to have you on board as our managing agent. Once again, many thanks for all of your hard work, which is hugely appreciated."
David, Warwickshire.

Calthorpe Estate

“At Calthorpe Estates our aim is to maintain the Estate to a high standard and provide our customers with an exceptional level of service. We take pride in creating the best place to live and work and look for partners, who share our passion and add value to customer services. Since Mainstay has been managing our rented portfolio, there has been a remarkable absence of customers calling directly to complain about poor service and for only the third time, since my 13 year involvement with Calthorpe Estates, we have achieved nil voids. This is clearly down to making sure customers are happy, properties are kept in good condition and quickly let, which leads to a reduction in income loss. There is a degree of trust and reassurance with Mainstay at the helm! The added value and all-round exceptional levels of service Mainstay have brought to our rental portfolio made it the obvious choice to appoint them on the wider residential element of our historic and prestigious estate in Edgbaston, consisting of 4,500 units. We are already well underway with the transition of management to Mainstay, and already we are seeing the benefits of their service delivery. We look forward to a long and successful partnership"
Jayne Herritty, Sales and Marketing Director for Calthorpe Estates.

Print House

"When we moved to Mainstay as our managing agents we had a long list of problems in the building that had never been properly managed by our former agents. We had a couple teething problems with our first Mainstay property manager, but when we raised these to the Associate Director he took care of us straight away. Our new property manager Jake is fantastic!! He is responsive, helpful, upfront and patient. It has been a real pleasure working with him. He steadily helped sort out our long list of problems. And since then he and Penny, our Property Service Advisor, have always responded very quickly and proactively to any problems or potential issues. Plus, Jake has reduced budgets across the board even while increasing reserve funds and keeping plenty of buffer items. We are so grateful."
Leora Neidle


"We have not met, although I have been living at Altamar for the last six months, as an “emergency tenant” - having been driven from my Mumbles home by frozen pipes during the harsh winter, and my own house having become uninhabitable. So I came to Altamar by a climate-change accident – though I shall be leaving for a planned reason, following the completion of repairs to my home: my last day at Altamar will be 4th November, which is the last day of my six-month sub-tenancy of Flat No.5 But, aged 83, I have thoroughly enjoyed the Altamar phase of my life. The flat has been ideal for me, well laid-out, and a good size for one or two people – indeed generous, for one. And there are two aspects of Altamar which I have in particular appreciated - (1) the on-site car park, as a ground-floor facility which is admirable - I appreciate that it brings its own management difficulties, but in the more competitive world to come, I am sure that it will constitute a strong marketing advantage; and (2) the calmness and courtesy of Billy, as caretaker – he has been particularly kind and considerate to me, given my current frailties. He has been totally reliable, very thoughtful and conscientious, and has made my stay at Altamar a real pleasure."
Roger Warren Evans

Orion Building

"I’m not sure if you get any feedback from residents about the management/concierge/maintenance staff at the Orion Building but I felt compelled to drop you a note during this tough period. Ever since I moved in way back in 2009, the concierge service has just got better and better. The fact we even have a concierge is a real bonus, but it’s the helpfulness and quality of service provided by the staff which makes the Orion Building stand out. I often have friends stay over who live in rented accommodation elsewhere and they’re so envious of this. Lee and his team - Ricky, Marta and their other concierge and maintenance colleagues - do an absolutely sterling job. I only have words of praise for every single one of them. This is even more so the case during the pandemic. I’ve got to be honest, I didn’t expect you to have staff on site throughout the lockdown, especially every day. The fact they’re coming into work and continuing to do such a brilliant job speaks volumes for the quality and dedication of the staff you employ here. I am extremely grateful for everything they’re doing for we residents. They’re a real feather in the Orion’s proverbial cap."

Llannerch Court

"Having been a leaseholder for almost 6 years I have to say that in the beginning I was, with good reason, quite critical of the performance from your company. However, I am now pleased to say in the latter years there has been a significant improvement. I now have confidence that any queries or request for action we raise, either with the property service manager, or the office based property advisors will be attended to promptly and satisfactorily as well as the residents being kept fully informed of progress. I hope you can maintain this level of excellence."
Mr D Williams

Coppice Park

"The directors of Tudor Court (Coppice Park) in Derby have been delighted with Mainstay Residential since they became our managing agents. They have been excellent and professional in all aspects of management. Our main contacts Sharon and Martyn have been particularly helpful, diligent and generous in every issue and have gone above and beyond in assisting the directors resolve some difficult problems. We would have no hesitation in recommending Mainstay to any future clients."
P. Thomas & P. Cocks.


"I am a long standing tenant in the Altamar building on Kings Road in Swansea and would like to express my gratitude for the way the property is managed. Lately a lot of construction has been taking place which could be disturbing but because of the professional management of Bill the caretaker and Julie Griffiths the property manager, this has been kept to an absolute minimum. I talk to Billy on a weekly basis and he is always very friendly and helpful. He also keeps the property immaculate, inside and out. A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to meet Julie in person and had a nice conversation about the property. Julie was very friendly and professional and more than happy to take her time and to answer all my questions. I couldn’t be any happier with the way the property is taken care of and managed. We can always find reasons to complain, but I can’t find any about the Altamar property management. And sometimes we need to express that."
Bert Schenke

Trinity Village

"I and my fellow long leaseholders in Trinity Village find Jacob Saddington and his team to be professional, helpful and responsive. If anyone reading this would like further information and feed-back about Mainstay I give Jacob permission to pass my contact details on to him/her."
Tim Horsler