It’s World FM Day!

It’s World FM Day!

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Today, we are celebrating World FM Day (12th May). This year, the theme is ‘Celebrating FM: standing tall beyond the pandemic’, which recognises and celebrates the vital work that workplace and facilities managers – and the wider industry – contributes to business worldwide.

At Mainstay, we believe facilities management will have a pivotal part to play in the changing role of the workplace following the global pandemic. While the ‘Office vs Remote Working’ debate will impact how businesses choose to operate moving forward, the advantages of communal workspaces, such as face-to-face interaction and collaboration remain.

Debbie Penn, account director for Mainstay Facilities Management says:

‘It's all about the Customer Experience and that first impression colleagues get as they return to the workplace. Never has the role of the workplace and facilities team been so important, it really is our time to shine’.

As businesses head into a new era influenced by flexibility, logistical requirements of individuals, teams and organisations will vary more than ever. While staff steer their organisations into a post-pandemic world, in many cases, each step into the new normal will be anything but just another day at the office.

Therefore, the presence of facilities management specialists will be crucial, not just in cultivating the environment that returning workers are greeted by, but in ensuring that premises can be as adaptable as the employees that work in – or with them.

Mainstay provides facilities management services for 12,000 occupants across 18 locations throughout the UK.

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