The Institute of Residential Property Management (IPRM) has published its first white paper: "Who shares Wins: the impact of technology on building safety"

Following the Grenfell Tower fire, safety in the residential block sector is being completely overhauled and many of the recommendations coming from the Hackitt Review hinge on data collection and management.


Rachel Dobson, Mainstay’s Head of Health & Safety and Fire Safety, was one of a group of leading industry experts brought together to discuss the importance of data sharing and advances in building technology in the residential block sector, with a particular focus on fire safety and setting out next steps for the property management profession.

Rachel said: “It was a privilege to be involved in this discussion along with other industry experts and it is so vital that we keep fire safety at the forefront of people’s minds. We cannot rest on our laurels and it is very encouraging to see industry coming together as a collective to move fire safety forwards. Smart technology definitely has great advantages and I can certainly see that it will play a part in the protection of buildings against fire in the future”.

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