Welcome to all residents<br> at Trafalgar Place

Welcome to all residents
at Trafalgar Place

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Posted 30/03/2018

IPM at Trafalgar Place

IPM at Trafalgar Place

Pleased to have added another scheme to our Integrated Property Management (IPM) model, welcome to all residents at Trafalgar Place.

The purpose of IPM is to revolutionise the industry by taking a hospitality approach to managing assets and delivering exemplary customer service. Trafalgar Place is situated in an area of London that is part of the Elephant & Castle re-generation project.

The aim for the re-generation project is for the area to be an example of how innovation and technology can make effective use of resources both in homes and the community. As an example, each home is constructed from a range of non-toxic and energy-efficient materials, and the solar energy collected from photovoltaic panels on building roofs help to power some of the energy efficient lighting in the communal areas.

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