Free Fire Safety Guide

Free Fire Safety Guide

New guide helps you think and act safe when it comes to fires

Free guide - how to prevent fires and stay safe at home

You can download a free guide to fire prevention and safety, created by The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) for homeowners and tenants.
With most of us staying indoors, the chances of an accidental fire breaking out can increase. The free guide, which has been written as part of RICS education outreach. It is a useful guide to make sure you stay safe at home by being able to spot common causes of fires, as well as what to do if the worst happens and a fire starts.

Preventing fires Preventing fires

Preventing fires

The easy-to-read guide covers everything from obvious suspects like cigarettes and candles, to things you might not consider such as storing and using electrical appliances to avoid them becoming fire hazards.

If a fire does break out, the most important thing that anyone can do is act quickly and safely. Knowing your escape routes and your building’s emergency procedures could mean the difference between disaster being averted and a tragedy.

In emergencies In emergencies

In emergencies

Other advice includes knowing the evacuation plans for where you live and the reason why certain buildings will operate a ‘stay put’ policy. The guide is easy to read and covers the basics, which people assume they know until a fire occurs, all the way to how to help other residents who might need special assistance during a fire.

While Mainstay works tirelessly to ensure that fire safety controls are working and compliant, it is also vital that as a resident you are also aware of prevention methods in your own home.

Leaseholders and Tenants Leaseholders and Tenants

Leaseholders and Tenants

The guide also helps distinguish the responsibilities for leaseholders as well as tenants of a property. This includes an overview of the fire safety measures that each party is responsible for and leaseholder’s legal responsibilities if they are renting their properties to tenants. This makes the guide worth reading for both leaseholders and tenants.

Get your guide here Get your guide here

Get your guide here

The RICS guide can be downloaded here:

As a resident at a property managed by Mainstay, if you have any questions about fire safety, precautions or our emergency procedures, please contact your Property Manager.

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