Requirements of your Managing Agents <BR> services as the clocks tick back?

Requirements of your Managing Agents
services as the clocks tick back?

As the days begin to grow shorter and the brisk autumn sun turns to cold winter mist. We know you'd much rather be spending the run-up to Christmas preparing for the things that really matter rather than worrying about what your property needs this winter.

Safety Safety


  • With the dangers of winter known to all especially across England and Wales. This can often pose unique problems during the coldest times of the year. Over the coming months, your home could be exposed to high winds, freezing temperatures, heavy snow, and torrential downpours. Making sure that your property is adequately prepared is a good starting point for a safe environment this winter. When the cold weather does inevitably close in this winter be mindful of icy areas and unlit parts of your development. If you have any questions regarding the winter elements at your development get in touch with your property manager; who will be able to look into any queries or safety concerns you may have.
Maintenance Maintenance


  • Keeping your development well maintained across the winter months is pivotal to ensuring your home is kept safe. Without sufficient preparations for winter, the chillier conditions can wreak havoc across your home & development. Before the winter months close in, take essential steps: ensure your pipes are up to a high enough level of service, service your boiler to give you peace of mind so you won’t be without heating and hot water and finally invest in a high level of insulation. Whilst these steps may seem like time consuming elements and may cost a proportion of money; it’s a case of prevention of a problem rather than treating a problem. Treating the problem after something has happened to your home e.g. a broken boiler this can lead to frozen pipes, which could potentially burst and cause water damage across your property.
Security Security


  • During the coming months, many developments will become a target for opportunist thieves due to the drastic drop in footfall of residents in their homes. With Christmas parties, shopping trips and extended time away visiting family; this is a perfect chance for would-be thieves to get their hands on some early Christmas presents. Ensuring your home is secure whenever you depart may seem a simple task, but it’s regularly overlooked and makes potential break-ins so much easier due to the little time it takes to gain entry. If your property is being left for a sustained period of time speak to a trusted friend or family member who may be able to check in on your home during set times when they’re available.

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