How To Make The Most of <BR> Your Work-Life Balance During a Pandemic

How To Make The Most of
Your Work-Life Balance During a Pandemic

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It looks like we have to continue to work from home for the foreseeable future. Assessing your work-life balance can have a big impact on your day-day living. Not only for yourself but also for those you are working, living and spending time with.

In this article, you’ll find some tips to help you make the most of your time spent working from home and keep you healthy throughout this lockdown period.

Improve Your Work-Life Balance with These 5 Helpful Tips

Connect & Interact Connect & Interact

Connect & Interact

We’re fortunate in a sense that this has all happened in the advanced technological age we live in. Though we can’t see our close ones in person, we are able to interact in different ways. By now everyone and their Grandparents are a Zoom expert. During work time consider a 15-minute phone or video call. This could be with someone who you’ve not spoken to recently and who you would usually talk to in the office. Outside of working hours try calling a friend or family member. Reach out to someone you’ve not spoken to recently or you know would appreciate hearing from you.

Keep moving Keep moving

Keep moving

Studies show that exercising for as little as 30 minutes a day can have positive implications on both your physical and mental well-being. These include lowering blood pressure, boosting your metabolism and even improving your mood. Remember the days where you would get up an hour before work, get ready and then being your commute? Take advantage of this time and spend 15 minutes walking at the start and end of your day. This could be to the top of your road and back or round the block. Even the small changes you make can have lasting changes to your mental and physical well-being.

Plan your day Plan your day

Plan your day

Spend 10-15 minutes each morning to plan and prioritise what you’re going to achieve that day. Set yourself some small goals for the day ahead, whether that’s to clear your inbox or to teach your child a new skill. Within your plan make sure you set a clear start, end and breakpoints throughout the day. Although you may no longer be having to commute to the office, don’t use this time to continue to work. (As tempting as it is!) This shouldn’t be an excuse to do one more email or one more small task.

Establish your space Establish your space

Establish your space

Make sure to set up and make your workspace so it is tailor-made for you. Remember your kitchen table may become your ‘work desk’, but this is an area where you’ll be making decisions and being creative. Try to keep this workspace as free from distractions as possible.

Give your space that old office feel. Even minor changes like adding photos to your desk or having a mug full of pens can make a huge difference. Remember it’s your workspace. There are no rules to define what your desk should look like. Don’t forget factors such as room temperature, air quality and natural lighting.

It's not going to last forever It's not going to last forever

It's not going to last forever

Take a deep breath and put a positive spin on the situation that we’re fortunate to be in. Whether it’s good health, being employed or the opportunity to spend more time trying new things, aim to define what’s positive for you and those surrounding you in this situation. Life might not go back to what we used to think of as ‘normal’. That’s OK. It might be different, but it will also be better and will allow us to appreciate what we have.

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