Five Tips <BR> Before You Go Away

Five Tips
Before You Go Away

Trying to keep your property clear of potential burglars might not be as challenging as you first thought.



Whilst taking that well deserved break away from your home should seem like the perfect time to relax and forget about the stresses of everyday life. It does unfortunately come as the perfect opportunity for would be thieves to take advantage of the fact that no one is residing in your property. Here at Mainstay we’ve drawn on our 20 years of Property Management experience and created 5 tips to decrease the chances of your property being broken into whilst on holiday.

The Obvious The Obvious

The Obvious

  • Make sure all entry points into your property are securely locked. This may sound very basic but often property owners are caught up in the excitement of going on holiday that they forget to pull the handle down on the back window or leave the side door unlocked, allowing easy entry into your property. Potential intruders can then simply open the window or door and freely roam your property.
Spare a Thought Spare a Thought

Spare a Thought

  • Remove any spare keys which are located within the vicinity of your property. You may think that your secret plant pot is well hidden, but realistically having a key hidden within the outside of your property is as good as simply handing your keys to any potential thieves. Err on the side of caution on this one and if you’re perhaps worried about losing the key to your property whilst you’re away leave it with a trusted friend or family member to collect upon your return.
Clocking in Clocking in

Clocking in

  • Invest in a timer system to plug into your sockets. These can be acquired over the internet and are useful for lamps to come on intermittently at certain times of the day. If you are feeling extra tech savvy, then you could consider installing a system allowing you to control all the lights inside your property from your mobile phone.
Post Post


  • Cancel all post to your property whilst you’re on holiday. An overflowing mailbox is the perfect sight for anybody looking for a quick and easy reason to enter your property. Royal Mail can keep your mail for up to 100 days, so this is a simple and easy tip to ensure your property is safe whilst you’re on holiday. To find out more about Royal Mail’s initiative, visit: 
Keep it Private Keep it Private

Keep it Private

  • Don’t publicise the fact you’ll be away from property for a sustained period. Burglars are using new and inventive ways to enter your property, so consider holding back posting those beach photos on social media until you are back in your property. Letting would-be thieves know your 1000s of miles away enjoying the sunshine is an easy reason for them to break into your home. By not posting you automatically have a preventive measure to deter potential break-ins.

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