A day in the life of a <BR> Property Manager

A day in the life of a
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Julie Griffiths tells us all about a normal day in her role as a Property Manager here at Mainstay…

Julie is responsible for all of our properties in Swansea, Cardiff, and Bridgend.


Julie’s day usually starts around 08:00, where the day begins with a review of any emails that have been received overnight responding accordingly.

Following an hour or so of emails, Julie drives to her first call for the day; an estate where we take care of the communal areas only. This includes: green spaces, pathways, car parks and bin stores. We contract the grounds team to take care of all the open spaces and planted areas, which has included a recent end of year hedgerow trimming, so this was an aspect Julie needed to see.  It was nice to see some of the homes here were getting themselves in the festive spirit early with their decorations up ready for Christmas.

The next stop at 11:00 is a development based in the Swansea Marina, where Julie has been overseeing a major works project which is nearing completion.

Over the last two years, we have transformed the development with new windows & doors, freshly painted balconies, replacement rainwater goods, bin store areas, and new external LED lighting. As the development is 25 years old it’s great to see the modern aspects brought to the development. Seeing how happy residents are at getting such a significant benefit from the work that we’ve managed for them pleases Julie no-end. Whilst the building has scaffolding up it’s a great opportunity to get up and check out the roof, which in this development comes with a beautiful view of Swansea Marina.



Following a short stop for lunch, Julie visits one of the largest developments she manages, it has 28 separate blocks of apartments along with communal open spaces and houses; totaling more than 550 homes. At this particular development, we are currently undertaking a project of external render cleaning for the older phase of the development along with internal redecoration. Upon arrival, Julie was keen to see how this was all progressing. Being part of a company that has such an impact on people’s lives due to the community and environment that is created is a real positive for Julie.

Here's to the evening ahead

The final stop of the day is a smaller 156 home development on the outskirts of Swansea. At the site, Bill the caretaker was celebrating his birthday, having planned for this in advance Julie was able to bring Bill’s favourite caterpillar cake. Catching up on all the latest news within the development over a coffee and a cake is one of the perks of the job. Julie completed all inspections, making sure that all recent work was to the high standard we expect. Once this was done Julie can liaise with our finance teams to ensure our contractors are paid.

As the end of the day draws to a close Julie takes a 45 minute drive back home to finish the day with any emails and returning any calls from throughout the day.

Julie’s days are never the same due to the variety of locations and schemes in which she manages. For further information about how our Property Management team can help you please contact marketing@mainstaygroup.co.uk.

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