Cutting your Energy Bills

Cutting your Energy Bills

Following the increased time being spent in homes due to COVID-19 we've devised some helpful tips to help keep your energy use and cost down.

Struggling to understand why your energy bills are so high? Dreading your latest letter with this month's bill? We've developed 5 top tips to help you better understand your electricity bills and where you could make small changes with big results.

The Switch The Switch

The Switch

Switch off appliances like your microwave, washing machine and tumble dryer at the switch. Modern technology means that devices are built to go into standby mode when you press the power button meaning that they are still using electricity and incurring costs.

Set yourself up Set yourself up

Set yourself up

Ensure the settings on those big appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, and tumble dryers are on an eco or energy setting and always make sure that appliances are full when using them.

Right time Right time

Right time

If you are trying to deter would-be thieves, leaving lights on all day isn’t the best way. Consider using timers to turn on lights at different times or install motion lights outside your home.

Lighting Lighting


Eco-bulbs and LED lighting are another effective way to begin to reduce your energy bills, not only are they relatively cheap in comparison to standard light bulbs, but they will also save a significant amount on your energy bills.

Temperature Control Temperature Control

Temperature Control

Use your thermostat effectively or, if you don’t have one, get one installed. Minor reductions on your thermostat can lead to massive reductions on your energy bill when used proficiently.

We're continuously evaluating and analysing ways to introduce greater sustainability into the management of our schemes by examining recycling opportunities and ways of reducing power and fuel consumption.

Through our facilities management company and external providers, we are working with numerous industry-leading partners to bring new energy and cost-saving technology to the forefront of our asset management services. This includes the aforementioned LED lighting initiatives which demonstrably provide significant and immediate savings for our customers. Ecotricity & Mainstay are completely aligned to reducing energy consumption for all our customers where we can - a position that is relatively unique in our market place. We also recognise how important it is to be alert and knowledgeable about eco-friendly build products and methods and work with our clients to advise on best practices, future maintenance planning, and cost implications. The growth of the electric car industry has allowed us to grow with the times and add vehicle charging points where possible.

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