Being a <BR> Property Manager

Being a
Property Manager

Ever wondered what key traits are required to be a Property Manager?

To gain an understanding of what it takes to be a Property Manager you must look further than what their role entails on a day-day basis. A Property Manager cannot just walk into the role and the requirements of their day-day tasks stretch long beyond the normal '9-5'. Here at Mainstay we currently employ 31 Property Managers across our national portfolio and between them they are responsible for more than 40,000 properties across England and Wales.

Communication Communication


As with any role, communication is an imperative facet of your daily tasks. Property Managers need to communicate with residents, members of staff and contractors on a daily basis. This includes traditional communication methods like telephone and letters but also more modern aspects i.e. text and email. Property Managers will also be required to communicate to residents at meetings where the budget and annual projects will be set out. In more recent times Property Managers have become more accustomed to modern-day ways of communicating through webchats and conference calls.

Crunch the Numbers Crunch the Numbers

Crunch the Numbers

Understanding the costs of major works, sinking funds, service charges, ground rent, and maintenance is not a simple task. When there is an added facet of having to be able to break down these costs and outline to Residents & Directors where the funds are being spent, you can begin to understand the knowledge it takes to be a Property Manager.

Breaking the Norm Breaking the Norm

Breaking the Norm

Being a Property Manager is a 24/7 role where you are only ever a phone call away from a major emergency. Whether a roof has collapsed at 5:30am or there’s a water leak in the afternoon; you always have to ready for what the extremities may throw at you. This has been especially prevalent recently with both Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis proving additional work for all our Property Managers.

Experiences and Qualifications Experiences and Qualifications

Experiences and Qualifications

All Property Managers will have extensive experience in the industry and will have professional experiences of property or Property Management. Being a Property Manager is not a role you can simply walk into without the relevant experiences and qualifications. All of our Property Managers are members of the leading professional body for residential Property Management: The Insitiute of Residential Property Management (IRPM) and a large proportion of those with the qualifications have completed further qualifications.

Residents Safety Residents Safety

Residents Safety

Property Managers will have the safety of residents at the forefront of everything they do. This includes ensuring all fire & safety procedures are met including knowing residents understanding fire risks and their access to fire exits are not blocked; this includes the storing of items in communal areas. Property Managers will also need to carry out all risk assessments and general safety checks for each site which they manage.

Why be a Property Manager?

The impact that Property Managers have on resident’s everyday lives are key drivers as to why they do what they do. Having an impact within the local community and making lasting changes to a living environment give Property Managers job satisfaction which cannot be paralleled compared to other roles. Read more about the employee benefits of all Mainstay staff: 

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