Mobilisation & Recruitment

Mobilisation & Recruitment

Our experienced team will ensure continuity while transferring existing services, staff and other resources

We have extensive TUPE experience, from individual transfers through to full multi-site contract mobilisations, resulting in transfers for 150+ people. We will make sure that all services are delivered in line with your needs to ensure a smooth transition.

When recruiting for members of our Facilities Management teams we look for the best talent both inside and outside of the facilities management industry, so we ensure adverts are drafted to attract applicants from areas such as hospitality, leisure, retail, customer service and other customer facing industries.

Using aptitude and attitude skills based assessments, we make sure we’re shortlisting the best candidates to support our clients.

All shortlisted candidates are invited into an assessment day.  Our tried and tested approach consists of two interactive group exercises, personal assessments and short 1:1 interviews.

The assessors will not see candidates’ CVs before the assessment days to avoid any confirmation bias, prejudice or preconceptions of their previous experience.  Only during the subsequent interview stage are interviewers provided with the CV.

Following shortlisting via the assessment days, we then move to formal, structured competency interview(s).  Using this approach, we not only identify the best candidates but also understand what training we must provide to help successful applicants get up to speed quickly to flourish in their new roles.

Our clients are always invited to be involved at some or all stages of recruitment and we welcome their input.