Integrated Helpdesk

Integrated Helpdesk

All of our customers have the facility to report issues or request operational changes through the 24/7 service desk, which is managed through an integrated, bespoke Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) system.

The single helpdesk solution can be easily managed by our on-site guest services/Facilities Management Team, via our centralised service desk or a mix of both. It is driven by hard services technology but often managed by customer-facing site teams ensuring triage of the problem is swift and communication to the customer proactive.

Our CAFM software provides the basis of the asset management planned and reactive maintenance operating system and is linked to our innovative compliance auditing iPortal software, providing a living record and ‘electronic logbook’, displaying all statutory compliance, report sheets for auditing and viewing by our clients.

By utilising our CAFM system and our Client iPortal, we will pull together the IT innovations and solutions into a seamless flow between asset stewardship and workflow management.

These systems ensure that our clients have an asset management system based on a common database, which enables easily retrievable and reliable information in real-time.

The combined systems will provide increased efficiency with minimal disruption by:

  • Identifying frequent failures
  • Evolving a critical spares list
  • Deploying engineers with the right skills
  • Smart, intelligent scheduling
  • ‘Right first time’ approach by all staff

Our central service desk is manned 24/7/365 by experienced helpdesk operators who are trained in the service levels relating to each contract for which they are responsible.

Each task update generates an automatic email to the nominated key stakeholder, so that everyone is kept updated with progress until the tasks are completed and closed.

When the task/work orders are closed, the history is retained for auditing purposes and for future reference if required. This provides full transparency, whilst also providing essential up to date information, accessible from PC or mobile device.

Our operational teams are equipped with tablets and mobile devices, providing remote visibility of allocated tasks and contract/project KPIs. Additionally, operational staff can access real-time national diaries via the system, which enables us to resource works remotely, as well as real-time picture capture, sending pictures directly to the helpdesk. Furthermore, staff can access remote video for one-to-one communication and for conferencing.

Mainstay is committed to keeping its clients’ and customers’ data safe and we comply with the most recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All our data is housed in the UK and we operate a full Disaster Recovery system which can be quickly in place in the event of a major failure.