Energy, Environmental & Waste

Energy, Environmental & Waste

We are committed to the principles of energy, environmental & waste conservation and supporting our clients in meeting CSR objectives, your goals will be infused into the teams responsible for delivering your service.

Our Environmental Management Systems are based upon organisational, contractual, legislative and regulatory requirements and have been designed to systematically control and improve our environmental performance.

Using a conscientious team ensures everyone appreciates the impact they can have on the environment during their work.

Energy Energy


Through effective building management and smarter ways of working we significantly complement and enhance energy consumption reduction methods. Our approach to energy management is based on the following broad principles:

  • Providing a cost effective and scalable maintenance solution that focuses around energy management
  • Working in partnership with clients to develop a strong energy focused strategy
  • A ‘Remote Monitoring System’ that records energy consumption
  • Good ‘housekeeping’ through quick wins and robust PPM
  • Engagement with site-based staff to encourage energy conservation (in the form of awareness campaigns, communication and feedback etc.)
  • Implementation of sustainable and best practice procurement of materials in line with environmental policy, including the use of energy efficient and long-life lighting etc
  • Intelligent and optimum utilisation of BEMS Systems
  • Power Factor correction and efficient controls

Our overall ethos is that good quality maintenance and good practice delivers good energy management. This is our key to tackling energy reduction commitments; by connecting integrated facilities management, engineering, and lifecycle management.

Waste Waste


Our comprehensive waste management process, which complies with the Environmental Permitting Regulations, is supported by a comprehensive suite of environmental policies including a comprehensive waste management policy.

At the front end, we work with customers to enhance behaviours, minimise waste at source and maximise segregation upon collection.

Prior to removal, all waste types will be segregated by our supplier and will go through the waste hierarchy, ensuring compliance with current legislation. The use of waste management procedures will enable us to monitor, record and report waste driving continuous improvement throughout the contract.