Concierge and Security

Concierge and Security

We provide a service-led front of house and security solution through our own customer focussed team. Our operating philosophy is to offer a soft, customer focused, front of house and security operation.

Whilst our core beliefs are about providing an exemplary customer experience we also understand the importance of providing a safe and secure environment of all customers be they building occupiers or visitors.

As well as front of house staff being security trained and Security Industry Authority (SIA) front-line licenced they also all receive our extensive Mainstay Revolution Customer Experience training suite to ensure we are able to deliver the delicate blend of service and security.

We aim to ensure that our teams maximise efficiency through integration of facilities services to ensure maximum utilisation of resources in value, adding customer activities without compromise to security.

Each solution is designed in a holistic way in consultation with our clients following a detailed risk assessment against clear set success objectives. We do not deliver a one size fits all solution and differentiate from the rest of the security industry through the customer experience we deliver.

We are supported by a 24/7 alarm receiving centre (ARC) function that includes an out of hours routine check-calling service, man-down response and surge demand resilience. We offer a complete range of services including CCTV monitoring, alarm receiving, environmental monitoring and call centre management. This can be integrated with engineering plant monitoring where appropriate.