Timber Wharf

Timber Wharf

Crisis Management - Water Supply

Timber Wharf is a luxury development located in Manchester.

Mainstay have managed Timber Wharf for over 12 years. Kate Magill the Property Manager for this development has been with Mainstay for 18 years and communicates with the Management Company Directors almost daily.

Water to apartments is supplied through a pumped system

The Problem

The Problem

At 5.15am on Saturday 22nd September the Property Manager Kate Magill received an urgent phone call from one of the Management Company Directors advising that the development had no running water.

An emergency call was made to the contractor who located the cause of the problem and advised that a power surge had caused the pumps to trip out; the pumps were re-set and commenced working.

At 11.30am reports were received that the pumps had stopped working again, the contractors arrived at 1:00pm and declared that the power surge had blown pump number two and caused the valves to fail. Water was once again reinstated.

At 3:15pm yet more reports were received that the water had gone off. The contractor arrived at 4:30pm, they advised that as well as pump two failing, pump one’s bearings had failed and the invertor that keeps the pumps cool in pump three had now failed.

It was at this point further contractors were called and the process of providing emergency water supplies to residents was instigated.

Now, with only one of three pumps barely working Mainstay needed to provide a ‘creative’ solution. Thanks to the quick thinking of Kate 12 cooling fans were located and used as a temporary measure to keep the last remaining pump cool, whilst the delivery of an air conditioning unit was awaited. Thanks to the temporary solution the pump remained working until 11.30pm by which time the emergency water supplies had arrived and been distributed to residents.

On Sunday 23rd September, the air conditioning unit arrived, which ensured that pump three remains cool enough to power the water supply for all of the apartments whilst replacement parts for the remaining pumps are manufactured.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Kate is a conscientious Property Manager with a passion for communities and the people who live in our developments. Thanks to Kate’s quick thinking she ensured the third pump battled on beyond its capabilities.

Residents were alerted and updated at every stage via email, our online resident’s portal and the closed Facebook Group.

Kate worked tirelessly for more than 24 hours to ensure inconvenience to the residents was minimal.

The Resident's Thoughts

All of the resident's at Timber Wharf

I wanted to reach out to communicate how thoroughly impressed we have all been with how Mainstay and particularly Kate have managed the recent crisis with the water supply here. Firstly, here are some direct quotes from our Facebook and directors groups:

Tom Coyle (Director)

it was hugely impressive the stops that were pulled out on Saturday and the fact that the water stayed on during Sunday. Kudos to Kate and Mainstay for keeping it going in the face of impossible odds it seemed.

Paul Brooks (Director)

I would just like to commend Kate, Darren and city maintenance for their all hands on deck approach, really very much appreciated and above and beyond to get this fixed and help us and the TW community at large.

James Fowler (Resident)

Big thanks to Kate and everyone at Mainstay today. Was so impressed with the response to a pretty shit situation. Thanks guys! I’m sure it's not how you wanted to spend your Saturday giving out water and fixing pumps, its appreciated though.

Zoe Lea (Resident)

Thanks Kate and thank you for all your help over the weekend – everyone has appreciated it.

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