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We believe in looking after residents’ homes,
not just buildings.
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Of course, we ensure the properties in our care are safe, secure and compliant, that is a given. But we also recognise our residents want to feel at home, to develop long lasting friendships and to be part of a caring and significant community. We adhere to robust processes that protect clients, residents and colleagues combined with a flexible, responsive and empathetic approach to our residents’ often diverse requirements.

Our Luxury Living Property Management model embodies our vision for this holistic approach.

Central to our Integrated model are the following values:

  • Exceptional Customer Experience
  • Developing Authentic Communities
  • Delivering Operational Excellence

We empower our colleagues to take ownership and accountability for providing a bespoke, dedicated, personal and tailored customer experience to residents and clients which integrates distinctive concierge services with comprehensive building management delivery.

By delivering a bespoke service, operational excellence and exceptional customer experience specific to the needs of the Luxury Living property and residents, an inclusive community spirit can flourish.

For examples of the great relationships, support and services we offer our Luxury Living Properties you can read our case studies

Customer Experience Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Delivering an exceptional customer experience with a strong focus on resident’s needs.

We provide 24/7 concierge service equivalent to that expected at a luxury five-star hotel. Our concierge team are dedicated staff working exclusively at each development. We are proud to employ all of our own staff. We do not use agencies.

We deliver all Facilities Management services through directly employed, suitably trained and qualified people.

Building Communities Building Communities

Building Communities

We recognise that our residents want to feel at home and to be part of a caring and significant community.

Therefore, generating a genuine community spirit and embedding placemaking in our service model is at the heart of our IPM solution.  Mainstay offer full white label creation for developments to create a personalised identity for residents.

Communication Communication


Our aim is to maintain open, two-way communication through a choice of communication channels. These include: 

Direct Contact with the concierge team and Property Manager via mobile, telephone, email or meeting, dedicated website portals or virtual concierge Text message service, Regular resident forums and social events, Newsletters

Operational Excellence Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

From pre-live planning, to home demo and move in processes, our robust operational delivery protocol ensure the smooth day to day running of the development. Central to daily operational excellence is the regular and thorough site inspection. This identifies issues early, limits escalations and puts the on-site team in control of rectifying the problems as they arise. Of course, we ensure the safe, secure and compliance aspects of the developments in our care, that is a given.

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