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Adaptable Asset Management


PROCUREMENT is the process of acquiring goods, works and services from both third parties and in-house providers in order to manage our property portfolio in a compliant and effective manner.

The process spans the whole life cycle from identification of need through to the end of a service contract or the end of the useful life of an asset. It involves specifying the services required, administering a tender process, evaluation of submissions and award of contracts as well as ongoing supplier management.


Mainstay’s intention is to procure goods, works and services that are:

  • Fit for purpose –What is procured should be of appropriate quality for its purpose
  • At optimal lifetime cost –When what is procured has a significant lifetime, it is the total cost of using and maintaining it for that lifetime and its disposal which should be the determinant, not just the initial cost.
  • Use processes which are economic, efficient and effective –Procurement should be undertaken following procedures and processes that meet appropriate professional standards and guidance.
  • Conform to Mainstay’s business plan and relevant initiatives, policies and strategies –Procurement is seen to have an increasing significance in the provision of cost effective and efficient services. Our procurement activities should reduce core costs so that we can deliver better value for money to our customers, and at the same time contribute to the success of the business.

Mainstay has:

  • A documented procurement code
  • An online supplier register
  • Standard quotation, tender and contract documentation to ensure a professional and transparent approach, and
  • Procurement professionals available to provide advice and guidance.


We have adopted the Delta eSourcing Solution from BiP solutions for current contractors and potential contractors to register their details with us in order that we may inform you when we are commencing a tender process which may be of interest to your company.

You can register on Delta by following these steps:

  • Follow the link above and Register as a ‘Supplier’ on the registration pages
  • Complete your contact details including a valid email address and setup a username and password in order to gain access to the website
  • Once registered you can complete your Supplier Profile, this allows your organisation to be visible to both Mainstay Group

To receive information specifically from Mainstay, you will need to add your organisation to Mainstay Group’s supplier list by entering the following Access Code into your Response Manager: C933X3T64R
(Note: if you make any changes to the email address on your master profile you will have to publish it again to the list for the amendments to show)

If you require further clarification on the BiP Select service, please do not hesitate to contact the BiP Select help desk on 0845 270 7050.

There will then be a link to the supplier register which is here: Delta Supplier Register.

Call or Email Us to Find Out More

If you are looking for an unrivalled level of expertise and industry leading service within the Residential Block Management sector, please contact us on one of the following:

Manchester: 0161 826 3987

Birmingham: 0121 630 2220

Worcester: 01905 362 423

London: 0203 026 3264

Or alternatively email: residential@mainstaygroup.co.uk

Alternativeley, if you have any direct queries regarding procurement, please contact Rebecca Usher on 01905 357777 or email rebeccausher@mainstaygroup.co.uk