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Window Cleaning

Mainstay Facilities Management provide window cleaning services using a reach and wash system reaching up to 21 meters.

We use industry leading pole systems that provide the perfect balance of weight and rigidity to ensure comfort for the user and maintain standards at higher levels. This innovative system utilises both telescopic and modular concepts in HI Mod Carbon for comfortable use which allows cleaning at high levels safely from the ground.

The tank system that we use produces pure water which will ensure that there is no smearing or residue on the windows. The system works by passing tap water through reverse osmosis filters removing limestone, heavy metals, nitrates and chlorine, all of which are normally found in tap water. This pure water naturally wants to return to its impure state, absorbing dirt particles efficiently. When used in cleaning methods the pure water releases and removes dirt, without the use of chemicals, and dries leaving a streak-free finish.

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If you are looking for an unrivalled level of expertise and industry leading service within the Facilities Management sector, please contact Rose Huyton on 0845 838 7756 or email rosehuyton@mainstaygroup.co.uk to discuss how we can help you.