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Mainstay Group is one of the most successful property asset management agents in the UK.

With offices in London, Worcester, Birmingham and Manchester supporting an extensive national management infrastructure, we are well-placed to supply property asset management solutions nationwide.

Our residential management portfolio consists of some 40,000 homes in management and a further 20,000 secured in planning, underlining our capacity and ability to provide high-quality services across England and Wales to a wide range of developments.

Our growing portfolio is supported by Mainstay Commercial and Mainstay Facilities Management, adding a credible and cost effective commercial property management capability, surveying and professional services, as well as a wide range of facilities management services. Enabling us to add value for our customers and further enhance our already high levels of service flexibility and efficiency, whilst at the same time reducing costs through self-delivery of a broad scope of property related services.


Jewel in the Mainstay Group!

Good Afternoon,

I own a letting agent. I don't have a huge portfolio, but I do have 4 properties that I manage in Westpoint, in Leeds and one that I tenant find for.

As a small letting agent, I work on my own, for myself and sometimes I really despair of the service or lack of it that I get from Building Managers/Concierges in the developments in Leeds.
However I would like to let you know that your Manager at Westpoint is a jewel in the Mainstay Group! Nothing is too much trouble for him, from helping me to park contractors, getting meter readings or answering queries that I may have about procedures in Westpoint.

He is always courteous, a quality that my tenants have brought to my notice on more than one occasion. People are quick to criticise, when things are not going their way, but I think its important to also give credit where credit is due.

Your management team are an asset to you.

Safe and Secure

My experience of the service I received from the Concierge Team was always good. They were friendly and polite, conscientious, discreet when required, and I always felt that they listened and understood my needs well and did their very best to assist whatever the circumstances. I appreciated that there wasn’t always a quick fix for everything but if they could respond promptly they did, escalating other issues raised or reported to the relevant contacts e.g. within the Mainstay team, utilities etc.

I always felt safe and secure in my 13+ years living here, which was important to me, especially in the latter years when I lived by myself. Having a dedicated Concierge Team meant a lot to me, for example, I knew that if I didn’t turn up for work one morning and hadn’t responded to attempts made to get hold of me, that my manager could telephone KEW and whoever was on duty would attempt to check that I was okay, being able to telephone down to the Team at night if there was anything untoward happening outside, holding a spare key for me – a myriad of things that made me feel comfortable. I know also from feedback from my guests that they were impressed by the staff.

Justyna Sedziwa deserves a special mention. She’s good at her job and has built up a good solid team around her.

Last but not least, I have to make mention of the Maintenance Technicians, for the work they did to keep everywhere up to standard and for the support freely given in the times I needed some help– thankfully there were only a few!

Positive impact

Mainstay's impact has been very positive. The response to questions and issues from our residents has been timely in the main and Martin has started to tackle some of the more difficult problems that we face.

He has been excellent in pulling together the work schedules for both maintenance and our longer term development plans. He has been responsive to my requests and has followed matters up promptly. He provides regular well written updates and is generally available when I need to speak to him.

My board are very pleased with Martin and I have already asked that he remain responsible for our development.

Above and Beyond!

I have been very happy with all the help and support I receive from Paul and Andy. If I need to know anything about how anything works on the site, they are who I turn to. And there have been so many times when they go above and beyond to help out and make life easier. They are one the real joys of living here.

If I need to know anything about how anything works on the site, they are who I turn to. And there have been so many times when they go above and beyond to help out and make life easier.

Friendly and Approachable

I moved into The Unity Building when it was still being developed so I am an original leaseholder; Mainstay has managed the building since day one and to be still managing the building 9 years on shows what a good job Mainstay here. The concierge are all friendly and approachable and in some ways have become an extension of my family, I speak to most of the team on a daily basis.

The communal areas are immaculate, maintenance issues are always addressed and I know my investment is well looked after by Mainstay. This is a huge building that takes a great deal of upkeep, I accept it is not going to be cheap living here but at the same time I know my service charge is being well spent and explanations about expenditure is always clearly communicated.

Kate Magill is extremely hard working and has done a great deal to get the developer back to site to address extensive issues with the cladding, my apartment has suffered water ingress since day one but I have accepted that this problem will be addressed because Kate has always communicated clearly and accurately about the progress of the works. At times I worried we the leaseholders would end up footing the bill but we now have mast climbers up all around the building and that reassures me the works are now well underway.

Kate is friendly and approachable she is extremely well regarded by all the leaseholders, I never e-mail Kate because I know she is on site weekly so I just pop down and see her, she always makes time to speak to me.

I actually moved out of Unity Building 12 months ago because I wanted to live out of the City in a house, I lasted four months before returning because I missed the building and that is down to Mainstay and their staff.

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